Useful Free Software

To print out these buildings on the computer you can use your web browser, however it is better to use graphic software, commercial available graphic software includes Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator among's other, with possible Corel Draw being the best known and most used. However we are going to use free software for this tutorial as it is available to everyone. The software we will be using is Open Office an alternative to Microsoft Office, but which contains a Drawing Package Open Office Draw, which can do everything needed with ease.

To download Open Office Follow this Link

Making Your Model Buildings

In the first part of this we are going to detail the importing and printing out of the supplied buildings where buildings have been made up in draw some of this will not apply:

To import the png or jpeg buildings into Draw open a new document then use Insert>Picture> From File as shown below:




A navigation box will appear just navigate to where your chosen file is. Some buildings require more than one file you can group these all together in one draw file by clicking on the slide menu to the left (slide 1 above) and adding a new page then repeating the above until all the files are in place. Other graphic programs have similar ways of importing to what is shown above.

Print out one copy, there are several ways these can be made up the one thing with it is that paper copy need to be backed with something stronger, balsa wood, plasticard etc can be used but the cheapest method is an card, either card bought from a stationers/ craft shop or even old cereal packets etc here we are going to concentrate on card.

Paste the print outs to some card and set aside to dry, with thin card you may need to paste a second or more cards behind the laminating effect of the paste will soon make a fairly ridged page.

Once dry cut out the individual pieces. start assembling the main walls and the sides together like the 2 example shown below:


 Paste the two together by means of each a paper tab across both of preferably something solid that will support the corner. The usual item is a small square piece of Balsa Wood but anything you have that can be pasted to card such as a square piece of plastic etc that will give a strong corner as shown here from above

cornerIn the same way connect up the other corners, to add the roof the strengtheners should be added to the top sides of the gables. Roofs may need trimming to fit.

If you model involves, porches, extensions etc make these up in a similar way, and add these to the main building. Chimney stacks are best filled with balsa or something similar before putting the top on.

Now you may think you have nearly finished? If you are happy with the model as it stands then fine, however it can be improved. If you would like a better model then read on:

Print out A copy of the model at photo quality on photo paper. Print out a second copy at the same quality of any sheets that contain windows, doors and possible signs etc. It may be an advantage at this point to spray these sheets with fixative available from an art store or in most instances hair spray does the same job, however with either test it on a small piece first. This helps to stop any smudging and helps preserve the finish.

With the first copy cut out the pieces as before, but cut out any and windows, doors from the second cut out any pieces that contain windows and door. Paste these to the first piece so that the doors and windows show though the gaps as shown below

houseOnce dry paste these onto the original model. You can use the extra lengths in roofs to fold under the card to give a better finish..

After that it is up to you, you can add other things, signs etc etc etc, just let your imagination run away.....




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