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Terraces are both several houses and individual houses, and used 3 different heights, low, average and high to give more realistic skyline. Which you see across many UK towns and cities. Our scale range to includes the smaller Z gauge, the 1960s British TT Gauge and the larger O Gauge. The full scale range is now O Gauge our largest scale, OO Gauge a scale popular in the Uk, Ho scale that is popular in most countries across Continental Europe and North America. TT gauge a short lived scale in the 1950;s and 60;s and 2 smaller scales, N Gauge and the tiny Z gauge. If you are not building for a model railway or are using them for something where size does not matter, the HO, OO and O gauge are easier to handle than the smaller scales. For Youngsters we would recommend OO or HO. What is more the buildings can be built very cheaply meaning that a model town of city could be built if desired.

Most the models start with a title page with the models name, a picture of a suggested design and one of 3 categories at to how easy the model is to make. The intermediate models have a floor plan whilst the advanced category has additional instructions. Most models are in the easy caterary which need no further instruction

To be printed out and built up. In all except O Gauge the longest walls or roofs are no larger than will fit on a A4/Letter paper which most home printers use. A few O gauge models need to be joined as the walls are as they are longer that can fit a normal A4 page. Some N and Z gauge models take a fraction of a page.

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